About Us

Intelliscape EdVentures is the culmination of a long held collective dream to bring about a change; an upsurge in the field of education.
We provide authentic and well researched training and content support. Following are our areas of focus :
Core Purpose
  • Be a trusted partner to education system stakeholders 
  • Aim to enable children to create & shape better tomorrow 
  • Demonstrate respect, commitment, excellence, integrity and confidentiality in everything we do. ​


IntelliScape EdVentures offers following services to K-12 organizations.
It partners with NGOs and business entities to run education institutes, schools, study centers, coaching classes- directly or through franchisee / Joint Venture and/or business, academic arrangement & alliances.

Our Management Team
Suverchala Kashyap, is an accomplished educationist, communicator and journalist. She has a versatile background, with a dual degree (Masters) in Botany and Education, topped with a diploma in Journalism and Communication.
 A seasoned team leader, her forte is extracting the best from everyone. Mentoring, is another strength. She has been instrumental in defining a large part of the career goals of several students at the school and university level. Was the founder principal of a reputed school in Vadodara, having taken it to national and international heights. 
She is actively involved in projects revolving around inclusive education and working to integrate the disadvantaged children of society. She is also working closely with Daksh Autism Services, Bangalore as their Gujarat counterpart and advisor. 

Kinnari Bhatt is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She has been working in the field of Autism for more than ten years. After relocating to India from Canada, she started Daksh, ABA & Autism Services.  She is now an advisor and consultant at Intelliscape EdVentures.
She has been focusing on empowering parents of children with Autism with the knowledge of ABA. This is done through hands on training and workshops, which she has conducted for parents and professionals in Bangalore, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala and the Maldives. She is also involved in integration of children with Autism and other developmental disorders into mainstream schools. Educating mainstream schools on ABA principles is another area that she is keenly focusing on.  She is now also focusing on mental health issues and applying all principles to the world of neuro-typicals too.
Our Promoters

Suverchala Kashyap
Educationist, Communicator and Journalist.

Zuber Memon
An accomplished industrialist, philanthropist,
 welfare and social worker.

Rajev Sharma
Passionate Entrepreneur in Education areas, noted management professional and a technocrat  

Anup Pradhan
​​Management professional with extensive experience in Corporate and Investment banking business at one of the worlds largest multinational bank. ​

Pavika Amre
An IT professional with a focus on leveraging technology in “NextGen Education”. ​